Maryland Crabs

Our crabs are locally sourced from the Choptank River as well as other tributaries of the iconic Chesapeake Bay. We have a strong partnership with local watermen who are dedicated to their craft. They set out daily at 4 a.m., ensuring that we receive the freshest catch every day. Upon arrival at our dock, each crab is carefully sorted and hand-selected based on quality. This meticulous process ensures that only the best crabs make it to your plate.

After selection, the crabs are steamed to perfection, using our signature blend of seasonings that has been perfected over the years. This method not only preserves the authentic taste but also enhances the unique flavors of the Chesapeake Bay crabs.

During Maryland's off-season, when local crabs are not available, we ensure a continuous supply of high-quality crabs by two methods. Firstly, we use flash-frozen Maryland crabs, which are preserved at their peak freshness. Secondly, we source crabs from states further south with warmer climates. These regions enable crab catching even in winter months, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious crabs year-round.

We take great pride in our sourcing and preparation methods and are delighted to share these details with you. Our commitment to quality and the authenticity of Maryland's seafood tradition is unwavering, and we are thrilled to bring this experience to your table.

Typically, the season for Maryland Crabs spans from April 1st to November 30th each year. However, please note that these dates are subject to change due to potential variations in regulatory guidelines.

For more information please feel free to read our comprehensive guide on Blue Crab seasons.

While the traditional crabbing season in Maryland typically runs from April 1st through November 30th, we understand the year-round demand for these delightful crustaceans.

During the off-season, we ensure that our customers can still enjoy high-quality crabs. We achieve this by offering two options: flash-frozen Maryland crabs, which are preserved at their peak freshness, or sourcing "Maryland-style" crabs from states further south. These warmer southern regions allow for crab harvesting even in the winter, ensuring a continuous supply of delicious crabs throughout the year.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality and taste remains steadfast, regardless of the season. We are dedicated to providing you with the best crab experience any time of the year.

At the heart of our approach is a simple, yet effective method – steaming. We begin by hand-selecting the freshest Maryland Blue crabs, renowned for their exceptional flavor and tender meat. This selection process is crucial as it ensures that only the best crabs make it to the steaming pot.

The crabs are then steamed to perfection, a method preferred over boiling as it preserves their natural sweetness and tender texture. During the steaming process, we use our signature blend of seasonings, a carefully curated mix that complements the crabs' natural flavors without overpowering them. This seasoning blend infuses each crab with a delightful aroma and a taste that encapsulates the essence of Maryland's culinary tradition. The result is perfectly cooked crabs with a harmonious balance of flavors, ready to be enjoyed by our discerning customers.

Upon receiving your crabs, it's essential to either consume them straight away, store them in the refrigerator, or reheat them immediately. Reheating does not significantly diminish their quality.

To reheat the crabs using a steamer, begin by setting up a large pot with a steamer basket inside. Add water to the pot just up to the level of the basket's bottom. Bring the water to a boil, then carefully place the crabs into the basket. At this point, you can add your preferred seasoning. Cover the pot and allow the crabs to steam for about five minutes, or until you find that the meat has warmed thoroughly.

In the absence of a steamer basket, an oven can be an effective alternative. Preheat your oven to 375Β°F and place the crabs inside for roughly 10 minutes. This method should also warm the crabs evenly throughout.

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Eating a steamed Maryland Crab is both a delicious experience and a bit of an art. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you enjoy your crab feast:

  1. Start with the Apron: Turn the crab over to its underside and locate the apron (the small, triangular-shaped shell). Lift the apron and pull it off.
  2. Remove the Shell: With the apron off, place your thumbs on the bottom of the crab where the apron used to be, and your fingers on the top shell. Gently but firmly pry the top shell off. Inside, you'll see the crab's internal parts, which should be removed and discarded.
  3. Clean the Crab: Rinse the crab body under cold water to remove any remaining internal parts and the gills, which are not edible.
  4. Break it Down: Next, break the crab body in half to expose the meat in the chambers of the body. Use a small fork or crab pick to remove the meat from these chambers.
  5. Crack the Claws: Maryland Crabs are famous for their claws. To enjoy this part, use a crab mallet or nutcracker to crack the claws and extract the meat. Be sure to crack each section of the claw, as each contains delicious meat.
  6. Enjoy the Meat: Now that you've extracted the meat, it's time to enjoy! Maryland crab meat is flavorful enough on its own, but you can also dip it in melted butter or a seasoning mix to enhance the taste.

Eating a steamed Maryland Crab can be a bit messy but is incredibly rewarding and fun. Don't hesitate to use your hands and enjoy the process. It's all part of the authentic crab feast experience!

This answer does vary based on the specific type and size of crab you order. Please read the description in the size you are looking to order for more accurate estimate. For more general information please read our additional post here.

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In preparing your order, we always select the highest quality, freshest seafood. Each seafood item is individually wrapped for shipping and placed into a reusable styrofoam cooler. This cooler is equipped with frozen gel packs for products that need to remain fresh.

To maintain optimal freshness, we use a cooling method that involves adding coolant at half the product's weight, which surpasses the usual industry standards. Our packaging has undergone extensive testing against various environmental challenges, including heat, cold, drops, and potential water damage. This rigorous process ensures that your food is delivered in pristine condition, perfectly chilled between 34 to 37 degrees, just as it was when it departed our facility.

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For those wishing to have seafood on Sunday or Monday, we suggest placing an order for Saturday delivery and then storing the seafood in the refrigerator until needed.

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Yes, you can place an order for delivery to multiple addresses. However, each delivery address requires a separate order to be placed. This is to ensure that each order is accurately processed and delivered to the correct location. When placing orders for different addresses, simply complete the checkout process for each order separately with the respective delivery details. If you have any questions or need assistance with placing multiple orders, feel free to contact our customer service team via email at or through our customer service phone line. We are here to help make your ordering experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Yes, you can certainly order seafood as a gift for someone else. When placing your order, simply enter the recipient's address as the delivery location. You can also include a personal message or special instructions if needed. This makes for a thoughtful and unique gift, especially for seafood lovers. Just ensure that the recipient is aware of the upcoming delivery, particularly since our products are perishable and should be handled appropriately upon arrival. If you have any specific requests or need assistance with placing a gift order, please contact our customer service team via email at or through our customer service phone line. We're here to help make your gift-giving experience as seamless and special as possible.

Yes, you can set up a recurring order for regular deliveries of our seafood. This service is perfect for customers who want to enjoy our products on a consistent basis without the hassle of placing an order each time. To arrange a recurring order, please contact us directly through our customer service email at or via our customer service phone line. We will assist you in setting up a schedule that suits your needs, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our team will ensure that your favorite seafood items are delivered to you regularly, providing convenience and the freshness you expect from us.

Yes, while we don't offer onsite catering, we are more than happy to fulfill bulk orders for your events. Whether you're planning a large gathering or a special occasion, we can provide a wide range of high-quality seafood, including our renowned Maryland Blue Crabs, delivered directly to your event location. For more information about placing bulk orders, menu options, and delivery specifics, please reach out to us at or through our customer service phone line. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your order is tailored to the needs of your event, providing fresh, delicious seafood that will make your event a hit.

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